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Jeff Fowler...

 is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter whose introspective, piano-driven, songwriting has been compared to Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Ben Folds, and Randy Newman.  Jeff’s last two albums—Side Hey! and Blood For Turnips—are collaborations with producer/multi-instrumentalist Wes Styles (former supporting keyboardist for Coheed and Cambria) and prodigious drummer Eli Hludzik (Dakota, Check in the Dark).  Both albums blend an air of nostalgia for piano rock's past with a touch of today. His earnest lyricism, smooth instrumentation, and heartfelt vocals linger in your mind like a Billy Joel classic.

Jeff’s upcoming album, The Air Nostalgic, is Jeff and his collaborators’ take on a collection of covers from the 1980s.  Delightfully produced by Styles, capped by Jeff’s trademark heartfelt vocals, Jeff’s new offering is sure to create a refreshing listening experience for anyone who has ever found his or herself thinking, “man, I wish it were the 80s.”